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5 Reasons Why Small Pontoon Boats Are the Hottest Trend in Pontoons

When it comes to pontoon boats, bigger isn't always better.

Over the last few years, the way people use pontoon boats has changed dramatically.  A pontoon boat is no longer made for the old retired couple like many people sterotypically believe.  Boaters around the world are using pontoons boats to fish, ski, tube, cruise and more.

Although you can buy a fancy, twin-engined, trible-tubed, wakeboard tower-installed super pontoon that will do pretty much anything you want, the $200,000 plus price tag on some of these bigger machines really limits.

Although a big, fancy, high-horsepower pontoon boat can be fun, here are 5 reasons why small pontoon boats are the hottest trend and provide a great way to get on the water to spend quality time with your family and friends:

1. Lighter - With some smaller pontoons weighing less than 1200 pounds, they're actually very easy to maneouvre on the water and handle when docking.

2. Easier to Tow - Most people don't realize that pontoon boats are actually much easier to tow than they think, especially small pontoon boats.  Most small SUVs have more than enough towing capity to get your small pontoon boat to the water for launch.

3. More Efficient - Small pontoon boats require less horsepower and less fuel to operate which means you'll spend more time enjoying catching fish, swimming or taking an evening cruise and a lot less time at the fuel pump reaching for your wallet. 

4. More Affordable - With less materials required to build small pontoon boats and less power required to move them, you can get on the water for around $50 a week with the great financing options available to boaters.

5. Simpler Maintenance - A smaller, simpler boat means less to maintain and less that can go wrong.  Smaller consoles, less furniture, and less fencing means more time to spend enjoying the pontoon boat lifestyle.


So if you just want an easy, affordable, low-maintenace way to get on the water to spend time with your family and friends, a small pontoon boat may just be the right choice for you.  

Legend's Splash Series was designed with these benefits in mind.  If you'd like to learn more about small pontoon boats, you can check out our Splash Series e-Brochure


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