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DO's and DON'Ts of Boat Trailer Buying

Buying a trailer is an important part of your boat ownership experience.  Having the right trailer for your needs will allow you to move your boat anywhere, allowing you to enjoy it as much as possible. Below is a list of 6 Do’s and Don’ts when buying a boat trailer

DO know the local trailer laws for your area and where you will be travelling - Different provinces and states have different laws when it comes to tailoring.  Make sure you know the requirements to transport your boat and trailer through different provinces and states.  Some typical regulations include independant trailer braking systems, specific trailer lights, mirrors, and total height, width and length.  AAA has a helpful guide that breaks down all laws in Canada and the US by province or state.

DON’T simply buy the cheapest trailer you can find.  Make sure you do your research ahead of time before buying a trailer, especially a used one. Making sure it will not only fit your needs in the long run, but also make sure it will last.  Buying a trailer for cheap to save some money is not wise since it may lead to damage to your boat.  

DO ensure that your boat trailer is the correct size - Boat trailers are made to hold a certain size of boat, and weight.  It is essential to buy the correct sized trailer for your boat, while also making sure it can support the weight of both your boat and engine.  A rule of thumb is to add 15% to the total weight of your boat and motor before determining if the trailer can support it.

DON’T just buy multi-axle trailers - The most common misconception is that everyone needs a multi-axle trailer.  While multi-axle trailers will help distribute the weight better, and are safer in the case that a tire blows, they are not for everyone. Single-axle trailers are not only cheaper, but they are much easier to maneuver, especially manually.

DO buy the right trailer frame for your needs - The most common trailer frames will be painted steel, galvanized steel or aluminum.  Many boat owners will be satisfied with a painted steel trailer over the other two since it is fine to use on freshwater lakes, lighter, sleeker looking and more cost effective when compared to the alternatives.  Galvanized steel or aluminum frames are necessary for saltwater boating.  If taken care of properly, all three types of trailers can last years and years with little to no damage.

DON’T use the wrong tires on your trailer.  Trailer tires are different than passenger vehicle tires as they have thicker sidewalls that allow them to reduce sway and carry the full weight of the load.


At Legend Boats, we have many trailers for your specific needs.  Visit our website to find your closest Legend Dealer, who can help determine the trailer that’s right for you!  

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