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Fun Things To Do on Fish and Ski Boats (That Aren't Obvious)

Fish and Ski Boats are the ultimate do-it-all machine for the whole family. The most popular activities for Fish and Ski Boats are obviously fishing as well as waterskiing, tubing, wakeboarding or kneeboarding. However there are many other activities for the whole family on Fish and Ski Boats! Here is our list of the top 3 things you can do on your boat that are a little out of the ordinary:

  1. Floating Boat Basketball

The kids will love this version of the beloved game! Before you go out, take a laundry basket or any other type of plastic basket or net and add a pool noodle around the edges using zip-ties similar to this photo: (Tip: can also be used as an extra livewell).


Also pack a few small size basketballs or any sports ball (soccer, volleyball, dodgeball), sizes 3-5 work best. Once out on the water, using a standard rope, tie the basket to the boat and through the basket into the water. Next, line the kids up to take turns and once the balls are all in the basket, pull the basket back to the boat to collect. Count points if you want or just play for fun! If the ball doesn’t hit the net, you can use a net or paddle to get the ball back or go for a quick swim!

2.Movie Night

Everybody loves a good movie night, with all the popcorn and candy and snuggling up in a warm blanket. Why not shake things up a bit and have your movie night on the boat! The idea comes to us from Jeremy Hanlon aka @barrietravelguy. First step is to download a movie onto your laptop or pick a movie to play on your portable DVD player. Next is to take out your fishing seats and lay down a blow up mattress, some sleeping bags, and/or a bunch of pillows with blankets galore. Third step is to put on the full stand-up top on your boat to make it feel like a fort or tent. Finally drive to your favorite spot and anchor out, or just stay on the dock and press play! Don’t forget the popcorn!



3.Have a Business Meeting on a Boat

Being on the water promotes calm, relaxation, and focus. The questions is not “why have your business meeting on your boat?”, it’s “why not??” Boating has many small tasks that need to be done in order to get on the water, such as launching and loading, docking, and getting the fenders in and out of the boat among many others. These small tasks can help with team building.

Changing your meeting scenery from an office or boardroom to fresh air and outdoors can help you and your co-workers come up with outside-the-box ideas. As there are no distractions like there are at the office (phone calls and emails), your focus is increased, and the fresh air can help get the creative juices flowin’. Your staff or co-workers would also not pass up the chance to spend the afternoon on the water!

We want to hear the out-of-the box activities that you perform on your boat! Post a picture or video on social media and tag Legend Boats in the post and use hashtag #legendboatsmemories!

Have fun on the water!



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