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Choosing The Right Trolling Motor For Fish And Ski Boats

Fishing requires stealth and a quiet approach. It can sometimes be hard not to scare off fish when you come thundering into a lake with your outboard motor stirring up the water. That’s why any avid fisherman should consider a trolling motor for their fish and ski boats. These quiet electric motors can make your next fishing trip that much more enjoyable.


This is the measure of how much the motor propels the boat through water. Typical motors have these thrust power ratings on them. It is one of the most vital aspects to look for when choosing the right motor for your fish and ski boats. Wind, weeds and waves can all be difficult to boat through if you don’t have enough power behind you. There are factors to consider while choosing the right motor; these include the size of your boat, the conditions you fish in and whether you store a lot of gear. The bigger your boat, the more pound of thrust you will need.


Electric trolling motors are available in three different power systems: 12, 24, and 36 volts. The least expensive of them all is driven by a 12-volt deep cycle battery. The 24 volt system runs off two 12 volt deep cycle batteries and the 36 volt system runs off three 12 volt deep cycle batteries. If you own a larger boat, you should consider using the 24 or 36-volt system to give you the best amount of power. If you don’t fish as often throughout the season you could probably get away with a 12-volt trooling motor, depending on the size of your boat.


There is a large variey of batteries to choose from. They come in group sizes ranging from a Group 24, Group 27 and Group 31. Each number corresonds to the longivity of the battery when in use. The larger the group size the more weight and space the battery will take up. So be mindful when selecting the group size for your boat. A typical Fish and Ski boat will be happy with the performance of a group 24 or Group 27.  

Shaft length

The length of the shaft is necessary for the control of your boat. If the shaft is too short the motor head may not be appropriately submerged when it really matters, in harsh or adverse conditions. The height of the bow determines the length of the shaft. The 20 XTR is an example of a deep V hull that requires a longer 54" shaft to be able to power the boat through rough waters.

Hand or foot controlled motor

MotorGuide wireless trolling motor come with a wireless foot pedal and wireless handheld remote. Best of all they come pre-installed on many Legend Boats like the XTR and F-Series, so you can get to fishing in stealth mode sooner.


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