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10 must have items to pack for those long weekend fishing trips.

If you’re planning on going fishing for the long weekend, it is essential to have...

  1. Fishing & boat licence - If you’re planning on going on long weekend fishing trips, it is essential to have your fishing license with you. Also, anyone that plans on driving the boat will require their boat license with them as well.
  2. Cool-weather fishing clothing - The weather can be unpredictable, especially over several days on the lake. It is essential to pack proper clothing so that you’re comfortable on the water. Some essentials include: quality rain gear, thick jacket or sweater, heavy shirt, waterproof footwear, thick socks, and insulated gloves.
  3. Warm-weather fishing clothing - During a hot day, it is essential to have light clothing to stay comfortable. Some essentials are shorts, t-shirt, and light shoes.
  4. Polarized sunglasses - Visibility is very important in fishing, and this is an essential for your weekend.
  5. Fishing gear - No fishing trip would be possible without the appropriate fishing gear. Recommended fishing gear includes fishing rods, reels, tackle boxes, line, bait, lures, hooks, sinkers, corks, and swivels.
  6. Waterproof bag - Having your valuables such as your wallet and phone dry throughout the weekend is not only convenient, but an important safety feature that every fisherman should do.
  7. Health / Safety Gear - Accidents can happen. It is important to plan ahead and have a small first aid kit, vital medicine, life jackets, bug repellent, sunscreen, cell phone, and biodegradable toilet tissue.
  8. Maps / GPS / Fish Finder - Knowing exactly where you are is very important not only in order to find the best catch of the day, but also to ensure you can make it back to base camp.
  9. Camera - When you catch a record-setting fish, a camera is essential to capture proof to your friends and family.
  10. Food, beverages & cooking supplies - Eating and staying refreshed is important in order to enjoy the whole weekend on the lake. Having cooking supplies for the food you brought / caught is mandatory. Some supplies that should be on anyone’s list include a fillet knife and a fire source.



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