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Boat Launch Fail

11 Epic Boating & Fishing Fails

We all love fishing and boating. Lounging on the water is super calming and reeling in that monster lake trout is exciting and rewarding.

But, things don't always go as planned. 

Maybe it's a freak accident or maybe it's a user generated mistake. Either way, hilarity happens. 

Here some of are our favourite "I'm glad I'm not him" moments.


First up in our collection of fishing and boating Fails is that pesky boat launch. When you're anxious to get out on the water and know what you're doing, it's physically painful getting stuck behind people like this.




We can't see what lead up to this boat launch disaster, but one thing is for sure. If you find yourself in a similar situation, don't panic! Jumping off the boat and under the truck just doesn't seem like the right solution.




A broken boat trailer would be enough to ruin anyone's day. But these gentlemen are optimistic and set in spending the day on the water. Watch as things go from bad to worse.




Ouch! That poor prop. One word friend: "Trim"




Everyone wants to get on and off the ramp as quickly as possible but this is a bit extra.




The problem with driving in reverse is that things tend to come from behind you. Luckily the buddy system works.


These guys seem like they have everything under control. They're using hand signals and they're taking it slow. But, they have neighbours who haven't learned from a good example. 



The fun doesn't stop once you're out on the water. A little self awareness goes a long way. A little absentmindedness is hilarious. Watch as these anglers and boaters haphazardly get into uncomfortable situations.




This just goes to show how staying alert and aware is important, even when the boat isn't moving.




We've written about proper reeling techniques before, and this proves the point. When you feel a bite don't lose your head. 


Need intro to dog section





Bringing man's best friend along is always a great way to liven up a fishing trip. Just be aware they may have better skills than you! It'd be pretty easy for Rover to bite into that hook though. Play it safe.




- "Wow you catch a lot of fish! What do you use, Live Bait? Underwater Lights? Dynomite??"

- "Nope, just a chocolate lab" 

Think Rover needs a license? 




Everyone loves a little more power than you actually need but it can get a little dangerous when you're not using it properly. Everything is pretty normal for the first minute or so and then you can see things get a little tense when everyone gets desperate for something to hold onto. Soon after..... well, you'll see.



We're all about making memories here at Legend Boats. Now that you've had a few laughs it's time to check out a compilation of some kids and their first experiences with fish. Pretty adorable. 






Yours In Boating, 


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