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Boating – A Way to Re-Connect with the Family



In this modern life, it seems that everybody is busy hustling to get to work, working to earn their livings, and scheduling nearly every minute of their days. This is the result of the hectic world we live in today. Even kids have nearly all of their time scheduled with things from soccer practice to dance classes. Few families even have the time to sit down at the dinner table to enjoy their evening meals. Boating is a great way to bring the family together, re-connect and have a good time out on the water.

Spend the Day Together
Families have forgotten about the importance of spending time together. Sure, everybody climbs in the car and goes to the games, however, this just isn’t the quality time that a family needs to maintain their bonds. Boating offers the perfect excuse for bringing your family away from the stress of everyday life, and being together for some fun.

When you’re out on the boat, the entire family is away from the typical distractions that interrupt life on a daily basis. A “no cell phone” rule should be instituted when your family is out on the boat. Yes, this also means no one can play games on their phones either. Initially, your kids might balk at this idea, but once you get them involved, they won’t give their devices a second thought.

Bring a Great Lunch
A lot of boaters opt to stop at Tim Hortons or Subway for their day out, some families will prepare their own meals. Regardless of what you bring to eat, the family will be able to enjoy a meal together that is free from distractions of the world at home. Be sure to grab a few treats! These treats will entice the kids to look at the boating experience for what it is, absolutely awesome.

Fishing for Dinner with the Family
While you’re out on the boat with the family, it would be a good idea to teach them about the sport of fishing. That is, if they are not already familiar with this great sport. It’s a great time to talk to each other while you’re fishing. Without distractions, people are more likely to open up and talk about what has been going on in their lives.

Quality time is essential for families these days, and fishing while boating provides the perfect opportunity to reconnect as a family. When one of the family members catches a fish, he or she is doing so to benefit the family. Think about it! Once the family gets home after their day of boating, sharing the fish caught for dinner will be fun. Boating encourages teamwork and reinforces the family bonds that will last lifetimes.

So you see, boating is a great opportunity for families to spend quality time together. Being out on the water is a quiet place to actually listen to what each person has to say. Boating is much more than having fun on the water; it’s also about spending time with the family and connecting as the unit that you are. Being out on the water on your boat will create strong bonds and lifelong memories for every member of your family.

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