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You know that feeling of exhaustion you get at the end of a work day, and dread having to wake up and do it all again tomorrow? We Dont!

Canadians start working around the age of 15 and don’t stop until age 65. They spend at least 40 hours per week grinding away. With some quick math this adds up to a massive 104,298 hours of your life dedicated to work. That’s the majority of our lives. Naturally we have to ask ourselves “Am I happy?”.

Legend Boats is keenly aware of this question, and makes every effort to make the answer “yes”.

Take a look at our “About Us” page on our website and you’ll get a glimpse into the culture here. On paper our values reflect Teamwork, Fun, Innovation, and Accountability among other things.

You may find yourself thinking “big deal, every company says that about themselves”. But, with other companies writing it down is often where the effort stops. Legend Boats makes their intentions very clear. These sentiments are loud and clear through the hiring, on-boarding, and training process. These ethics are engrained in team building events, departmental meetings, and day to day conversations. No matter who you are or who you’re talking to, you know for a fact that you are heard, considered, and appreciated.

Heck, even head office seems to outwardly persuade you to smile while you work with it’s warm, open concept and oversized windows overlooking water and trees instead of an endless sea of skyscrapers.

With this enthusiastic spirit intact, we’re able to spread our happiness and good nature throughout our customer service efforts and into our communities.

Anyone who’s spent any significant time outside of Northern Ontario understands what makes us unique. We understand that the term “value” extends far beyond quarterly earnings and profit margins, and for the past 32 years the Northern Ontario Business Awards (NOBA) has done a tremendous job at recognizing this.

“Our stock and trade are people who create wealth, build community, take risks, plan projects, exploit markets, run out of money and start again,” said Michael Atkins, President of Laurentian Publishing and Northern Ontario Business.


With over 300 attendants at their awards gala this year, NOBA honoured the best and brightest of our region through 10 categories including Entrepreneurs of the Year, Innovators of the Year, and Companies of the Year.

Legend Boats - ideally for the reasons we mentioned above - is the proud recipient of the Company of the Year, 51+ employees category.

"It takes an exceptional team to create a great company and I feel we have just that.  Duhamel and Dewar, now formally known as Legend boats has a rich history." - 

Having policies and taking action is one thing, but it’s quite another when a respected panel of Northern Ontario business professionals acknowledge and reward these efforts. It really means a lot to all of us, and inspires us to try even harder next year.

Thank you!

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