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2019's Top Summer Fishing Memes

The 2019 fishing season isn't over yet but chances are you've already crammed an entire season's worth of memories into your fishing season. 

Often enough those memories come with a roller coaster of emotions, and nothing sums them up like 2019's most popular fishing memes.

rowboat cop

Let's take a look at what we've all been through this summer.


Wanting To Go Fishing

Each work day can seem like a lifetime when you have your heart set on weekend fishing. These memes that have been making the rounds accurately portray that feeling of driving by the lake when you're heading for work and what goes through our heads when we're gearing up.


Baby meme 1pay day and rest of the monthHow I sleep



Time To Go

You did it! You made it through the week, you're all packed up, and you're ready to hit the road. There's a glorious feeling that overwhelms you when you wake up, when you're loading up on Timmies, and when you finally arrive.

Its time

2 times to fish

up to boat ramp

Finally get to go fishing



Making Friends

One of the great things about fishing and boating is meeting like-minded people. But, sometimes they come on a little strong and assert their opinions and advice like it's their job.

fishing list


You must know a lot about fishing

Your friend knows

cheat fish

Stump snag

Drastic Snagged

Fishing Pole Moves

cash me outside



Not So Friendly

Sometimes the other anglers you encounter don't exactly brighten your day. Some people haven't been taught proper fishing etiquette while others simply don't care. Either way, they're out there and people are noticing.

Particular Set of Skills

Not Today

casts over line



Maybe the best response is to consult a professional.

expert advice

Where i caught my fish



Time To Go Home

At some point the day has to end and you'll have to head home. But of course you're going to delay that as long as possible. You've been dreaming of this all week long, and nothing's going to stop you from squeezing every last minute out of your weekend.

Then I told her

Still biting



The Day After

Our colds *cough cough seem to start kicking in around lunchtime on Thursdays. By the time 5 O'clock rolls around we're already warning the boss that tomorrow looks like a sick day. If that sounds like you, you'll probably have some explaining to do Monday morning. 

burns a sick day

catches biggest fish

Arm In A Cast


There are still a few solid weeks worth of fishing in 2019. Make sure that you get your sick day stories ready so that you can take advantage of each and every second that you can.


We'll have some ice fishing memes for you in a few months. In the memetime, we love everything fishing and boating. Be kind and share your favourite memes on social.

Yours In Boating, 



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