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7 Boating acitvities for your family friends

If you’re planning a day out on the lake with your family and friends, you might be looking for something a bit more exciting than the traditional fishing or cruising. Here are 8 ideas for pumping up the boating fun:

7. Tubing.

For an activity that kids and adults can both enjoy, try tubing. There is a huge variety of towable inflatables that you can buy to pull behind your boat, offering fun of all shapes and sizes. Passengers on the boat will also have a blast watching friends try to hang on during the fast, bumpy ride.

6. Golf Fishing

Golf fishing is exactly what it sounds like- a fun combination of golf and fishing that will be a blast for everyone. All you need is a square of artificial turf, an inner tube with an anchor and line, and a bucket of biodegradable golf balls. Count the number of casts you take until you catch a fish, and then throw the inner tube into the water. Steer the boat a short distance from the tube, and start taking shots off the turf until you can land a golf ball in the tube. Add your number of strokes to your number of casts to get your score for the “hole.” Just like in golf, the lowest score at the end is the big winner.

5. True Canadian Fishing.

Canada has over one million lakes, rivers, and streams, offering a multitude of fishing opportunities for everyone, from the novice to the experienced fisherman. You’ll find a diverse population of fish species to catch, with types such as rainbow trout, catfish, carp, and walleye. Whether you’re hoping for a relaxing, serene day or an exciting, action-packed experience, fishing can offer it all. Also, fishing is an excellent activity choice for families and large groups of friends. It provides the perfect opportunity for a combination of good conversation and a little friendly competition. Canada’s National Fishing Week, usually around the first week of July, is a great time to dig out the poles and bait. Celebrate Canada’s powerful fishing heritage with the millions of other fishermen across the country, take your chances in exciting giveaways, and learn new tips and techniques from experts.

4. Hunting.

Just because you start your day on a boat, doesn’t mean you’re limited to bringing in trophies from the water. Many prime hunting locations are only easily accessible by boat, so you’ll have special access to the best game spots that hunters on foot won’t be able to reach. Another option is to hunt directly from the comfort of your boat, and never have to set foot on land. Duck hunting from a boat is a sport all on its own and has the potential for great fun. Be sure to bring the proper safety equipment in addition to your hunting gear, as nothing can ruin a good boat hunting day faster than a failure to be properly prepared.

3. Cruising on the water.

Any boat owner will tell you that one of the most relaxing ways to spend a beautiful day simply involves going for a cruise. Depending on the family and friends that are joining you for the cruise, your day can take many different forms. For example, if you have a small group of friends planning to get together, you might just plan to spend the day talking, indulging in good food, and admiring the Canadian scenery.

If you have a family with young children, a cruise might be a lot less serene, but still just as enjoyable. Kids enjoy listening to music while on the boat, and a day on the lake could be the perfect time to introduce them to all your favourite oldies. Pack a deck of cards and play a few games for another fun activity that everyone will enjoy.  Another idea is to plan for some time to drop the anchor and let everyone jump in the water for a good swim. However you choose to cruise, you can’t beat a day out on the water.

2. Smart Camping.

Your boat can open up a score of new camping spots, simply by making certain secluded locations more accessible. If you know where to look, you can even discover special spots off the beaten trail, where you won’t have to share space with other campers. Because you’ll be using your boat to transport all of your gear, it’s important to pack smart. Don’t bring unnecessary items that will only serve to weigh down the boat. Instead, make a list of the necessities. Pack everything up, start up the boat, and begin your hunt for the perfect spot. Be sure to mark favourite spots on a map for next time, so that you can easily locate them for future fun.

1. The Great Outdoor Adventure.

Being on your boat is an adventure in and of itself, but the excitement doesn’t have to end there. Broaden your horizons by planning other outdoor adventures, with your boat as your mode of transportation. For example, hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy the Canadian wilderness, and having the use of a boat can maximize your opportunities for exploration. You can use your boat to reach challenging access points and then disembark for a hike. When you need a break, take the boat and cruise to a new spot, where you can continue the hiking experience. Plan to pack a picnic lunch so that you can enjoy a meal in the beauty of the great outdoors.

As you can see, there are many ways to add fun and excitement to your day out on the water. Happy boating!

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