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8 Epic Pontoon Party Ideas

The great thing about Pontoon Boats is how much you can do with them. You can fish, tube, ski, and cruise just like you can with a fishing or utility boat. On top of that, you can also host some amazing parties!

Legend Boats pontoons can fit up to 11 people at a time making the possibilities almost endless. If you have an upcoming celebration and need a little planning inspiration or if you’ve been considering getting a pontoon of your very own, this list is sure to give you reasons to be proud to be a pontoon owner or excited to be one in the near future.

Treasure Hunt


If you’re entertaining kids, this is a fantastic idea. Simply invest in a few sets of snorkels and goggles and hide a few treasures under the water. Provide your guests with a pirate treasure map and send them off on their hunt.

The game can go a few ways. You can include prizes in each of the boxes you hide. Or, each box can contain a clue to where the next box can be found. You can also invest in a bigger prize for whoever finds the most boxes or whoever finds the final box first.

If you feel that hiding chests under the water just isn’t for you and your guests no worries, you can still host a great treasure hunt party for kids. Instead of dishing out snorkels, trade them in for binoculars. Make a list of all the animals that can be spotted in the trees and on the shoreline and challenge the kids to be the one who can find the most. Add to the challenge by asking them to draw the animals that they find.

Block Party BBQ


If you have a pontoon docked at the cottage for as many months Mother Nature will let you, chances are your neighbours do too. If you get enough of them on board, you’re all in for a real treat!

Strategically anchor your pontoon boats so that there’s flowing access from one to the other. You can dedicate a specific space for each pontoon. One can be the dining area while another can be the dedicated BBQ space. You can dedicate a play area for the kids and a dance floor for the adults. You should also make sure to assign a pontoon for R&R. If you’re out in the sun, some of your guests are sure to want a shady area to read and rest or a sunny space to lounge and tan.

You can accomplish a lot of this in a single pontoon for a smaller group, but making an arrangement like this allows guests to party all day while they move from one entertainment zone to the next.

Theme Night

Theme Night

Hang some lanterns for Chinese New Year, string some blue and white balloons for a Frozen Disney look, or dangle some LEDs to set off your Fire & Ice party. Think of your pontoon as a cozy banquet hall. If you have a theme in mind and the decorations to back it up, a pontoon party can bring it to the next level.

Encourage your guests to come dressed in theme, serve the appropriate food, and create a playlist that sets the tone.

If you want to take one further step, consider a murder mystery party. Follow the same advice, but assign scripts and characters for an exciting Murder Mystery on the Sea. Creating your own is extremely time-consuming, so we recommend paying for a kit that you can buy online.

Bachelor / Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are relatively similar. They consist of a group of very close friends celebrating an upcoming marriage. Fun games are played, tasty food is eaten, delicious drinks are drank, and life is celebrated.

Instead of an evening event at the clubs and pubs or out in the cabin, why not opt for a sun-filled day on the water? Do all of the things that typically go into a pre-nuptial party but do it in the fresh air where you can indulge in all the activities that come along with boating.

Casino Night

Casino Night

Casino nights can be as simple as a deck of cards, a set of chips, and your best buds. Or, you can go all out with a roulette table, craps, and slot machines - all of which you can rent for a short period of time.

If your casino adventure starts and ends while the sun is out, you may want to keep the dress code casual. However, a moonlight event calls for the 9s. Let your guests know to arrive in full ballgowns and tuxedos to complete the casino theme.

It’s also best practice to set financial guidelines before the evening begins. Set table limits and maximum beads ahead of time so that there are no arguments at the table and so that each guest brings enough cash to last them the entire event. If you’re celebrating an event or achievement and have room in the budget, consider hiring a professional dealer for that truly authentic feel.  

Fireworks Show

FireWorks Party

Victoria Day and Canada Day are extra special events, you’re allowed to set off fireworks! You’ll have to plan ahead to pull this off properly. It’s recommended that spectators are at least 100 feet (30 meters) away from detonation which means you’ll either have to have a gigantic pontoon or set off your display from shore or a floating platform.

Whatever your solution is, you’re in for a great time. A fireworks display is beautiful in its own right but the bright lights bursting against a crystal clear country sky and the reflection of the colour on the lake's water is a sight that has to be seen to be appreciated. It’s almost indescribable. No matter your age, gender, or background, this will be a lifelong memory.

Concert On The Water


You can hire a band to entertain you and your friends or, if you’re in a band, maybe it’s time to kick off your world tour.

All you need is a generator and your regular music equipment. If you’re worried about the cost of fuel or running out of juice mid-set consider using a few acoustic pieces. The biggest struggle you may run into is using the space to its fullest. Depending on your pontoon’s layout, your drum kit may be a little awkward. It’s much easier if you have a spacious or open-concept pontoon like Legend Boats’ Enjoy Transport.

Once the music is flowing, a day at the beach is instantly transformed. There’s something very visceral about a live concert that accelerates a good time. Lounging on the beach? Your toes will start tapping. Swimming in the shallows? You’ll start hopping and dancing.

Midnight Movies

Movie Night

This is great for small and large groups alike. If you’re feeling ambitious you can set up a giant screen on a floating dock for all to see. If you want something quick and comfortable, drape a clean white cloth over your bimini top to use as your screen.

We recommend running with a water/fish theme with movies like - depending on the audience - Jaws, the Piranha series, Finding Nemo….really there are hundreds of titles to choose from so you won’t have any trouble here.

Treat your friends and family to a double feature, cozy up with the entire family, or settle in for a double-feature date night. All you need is enough popcorn to go around and you got yourself a party!

What To Ask Your Guests To Bring


Unless you are supply theme hats like "Here Comes The Bridezilla" for a themed party, guests should be expected to bring their own hats and sun protection. Sometimes common sense needs a little nudge.


Extra Food:

Even if you're throwing the biggest baddest BBQ your friends have ever seen, it's always a good idea to ask for extras. This way you're not stuck footing the entire bill, and it's a sure way to make sure that there's enough variety that everyone can find something they like. 

Extras You Should Bring

Bring Extra Water:

The key to fun in the sun is hydration. Even if you’re hosting an evening event, a few of your guests could be disregarding drinking laws and you’ll want to keep them close to clean drinking water.

Bring Extra Sun & Bug Spray:

We highly recommend that you advise your guests to bring their own. But, some will forget and some will run out. Keep a little extra on hand for these scenarios.

Bring Extra Towels:

If you’re hosting a theme party like Casino Night, chances are you aren’t planning on getting wet. But with the water close by and a night of fun underway, minds may change.

Bring Basic Medication:

Things like first aid for scrapes and bumps and pills for headaches are hopefully not necessary but definitely appreciated if they are.

Party Favours:

If you’re thinking of serving or permitting up some spirits for your pontoon party, click these links to brush up on how to keep it legal. 


Marijuana & Boating

Drinking & Boating


Pontoon sales and use continue to rise year after year, and with options like this it's not hard to understand why. If you take our advise and throw a wild pontoon party this summer or - even better - come up with a great idea of your own, let us know! We love seeing your memory making pics, so please make sure to share on social. #PicsOrItDidntHappen


Yours In Boating, 




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