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8 Tips to Maintain your Boat Tops

Boat tops, covers, enclosures, and canvases are meant to protect you from bad conditions on the water and on the road while trailering. Though it may seem daunting at first, the following are some tips from our service experts on how to easily maintain and store your boat tops properly:

           1. Don't leave them folded for long.
If you absolutely need to fold your canvas and curtains, don't leave them folded for a long period of time. We recommend laying them out or rolling them. Folding them for long periods of time can cause 'folding marks' in the window curtains and canvas and can cause them to crack over time, especially in colder temperatures.

           2. Keep ‘em dry.
Never store your canvas in a damp area. Keep them safe by storing them in a dry place. Canvases can get wet as long as they are not left bunched up. They must be able to dry completely before being stored, otherwise there is a risk of damage such as rot, mildew, and shrinkage (Just like lifejackets and towels). Allow canvases to dry while still mounted as if it is to dry unmounted, this may cause shrinkage.

           3. Never force your canvas into your boat compartments.
As mentioned, it's not recommended to leave your canvas stored anywhere it can get wet, especially bunched up. You can also risk damage to your canvas pieces but hooking them onto something or scratch them on any sharp objects in the compartment (rods, bait, etc.).

           4. Let the canvas hibernate.
During the winter season, ensure you bring all canvas pieces inside. Don't leave them out in the cold as you don't want them to crack. Also, always take down your full top or enclosures as they cannot withstand snow loads. Excess snow will cause the bimini bars to bend and possibly snap under the pressure and could also rip the canvas.

            5. Treat ‘em right.
We recommend treating your canvas with various available products such as a UV treatment to prevent any sun damage to your canvas, also a waterproofing treatment to make your canvas as water resistant as possible. You can find these treatments at your local Legend Dealer. Also try to clean your boat top to remove any dirt in order to extend its useful life. (Mild soap and water with a scrub brush works best).

             6. Never travel on the road with your canvas set up.
Make sure to always tear down your canvas and fold down the bimini top before you hit the road to avoid any possible damage to your canvas. Your boat canvas is not meant to withstand high road speeds however you can travel at maximum speed down the lake with it set up.

            7. Take precaution.
Although Legend Boat canvases and enclosures are top quality, we do recommend keeping a canvas repair kit on hand at the cottage in case of any accidents and to take precaution. You never know what could happen. You can also find these repair kits at your local Legend Dealer.

            8. 2 is better than 1.
When setting up your canvas, it’s always best to have two people available to set it up. It is much easier and less time consuming to have more than one person so that you can have at least one on each side of the boat.

By: Chelsi Lauriault, your Customer Care Specialist at Legend Boats

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