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Big Building, Big Family

Although Legend Boats has invested heavily into a large, state of the art facility and continues to grow year over year, we've managed to stay true to our roots: Family

The organization was founded by two friends, Vic Duhamel and Carl Dewar, back in 1987. Since then, their sons Marc and Jamie have stepped up to take the helm with additional family members positioned in integral parts of the business. 

But that's not where family ends.

Legend Boat team members are treated like family, all day every day. Opinions are heard and efforts are appreciated. That sentiment most definitely extends to our entire network of partners and dealers. But, since we work in different buildings in different cities, they may not always realize it. 


That's what this week has been all about; making sure they feel it.


Day 1 was a simple arrival. Sunday evening, our guests arrived from across the country and were offered the opportunity to network and socialize. 

There was no agenda or mandate. Just a chance to breath after a long flight or drive, to meet new people, and to reconnect with old friends.


Day 2 kicked off with a series of genuine Thank Yous, some important business announcements, and a quick review of 2019.

Then came the action. 

Legend Boats staff and partners were treated to a riveting keynote from Brian Barlow of Pineapple Productions - demonstrating the significance of treating each and every guest as if they're the most important person in the world: A concept that's near and dear to Legend Boats.


Dealer Test Drive-1The workday wrapped up with an exclusive first look at the new 2020 Legend Boats models. This part was especially important. Yes, we love showing off our latest and greatest. More importantly, we spent an entire year talking with our dealers to understand what they and their customers actually want in a boat or a pontoon. We wanted to make sure that we got it right. 

As the dealers funnelled out to the boat yard to scrutinize the new models, they probably found a little more than what they were expecting:

  • All new utility boat model
  • 2 new deck boat models
  • 10 updated Splash pontoon models
  • 5 updated Enjoy pontoon models
  • 6 all-new Q Series pontoon models


We're being a bit vague here. But one of the perks of being a Legend Dealer is first-look inside information. The rest of us are going to have to wait for the official model launch for more details.

Dealers spent a great deal of time taking advantage of the on-water opportunities. Climbing in and testing out the furniture while these boats are parked on land gives you a fair idea of what they're like, but nothing beats a real-deal experience. 

music and food

While all of this was going on, the BBQ was getting fired up, the live band was plugging in, and the fireworks were getting ready to make their appearance. 

Dealer Cover

Needless to say, everyone had a great time.  


Day 3 was bitter-sweet. Yes, the day was stuffed with value courtesy of Max and Schooly from Garage Composites. Keynotes and workshops were provided, teaching how the human brain works and the significance of being sincere in your conversations. Looking around the room you could really tell that this information sunk in and people were ready to upgrade their day to day approaches to business. 

But, it was also clear that cocktail hour was just around the corner. 

Once the clock struck 3 guests were shuttled back to the hotel where they could recharge and get ready for the big gala filled with fine food, drinks, awards, and entertainment at Science North's famous caverns. Dealers and partners spent the rest of the evening enjoying each others' company and celebrating what 2020 has to offer.


Why is Family so important to Legend Boats?

Because we're just like you.

We grew up with mom and dad teaching us to catch that first fish. We have fond memories of falling asleep on grandpas pontoon as the sun set. We cherish those days that we stayed up way past bed time with our friends and cousins at the cottage. Now that we're grown, we're trying to pass these experiences on to our children.

It's important to us and we know it's important to you.

Family Time

Our ultimate goal is to help you create these types of memories. We know that you work too many hours and how valuable your free time is. We know that your family is your single biggest priority and you're willing to go out of your way to create experiences that you can all look back on. 

That's why we celebrate each and every new relationship that we make. 

To the new dealers that have joined us, Welcome To The Family!

  • VR Mégantic inc.
  • Freedom Powersports Edson Ltd.
  • Mathias Marine
  • Theo Recreo Enr
  • Red-Line Power Craft Ltd
  • Advanced Marine Lake Belwood
  • Lapointe Sports - Joliette


And a big shout out and Thank You to all of our sponsors. You made these past few days extra special and you're a tremendous asset to the entire marine industry.




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Northpoint CF


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To all of the Legend Boat dealers, partners, sponsors, and of course customers:

Thank you for empowering us to make the past few days possible, and thank you for making us feel like family.

Yours In Boating, 

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