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Key Features Of The Best Boat Trailers

Picture yourself on a crystal-clear lake enjoying some fishing or having fun with the family. Before you can relax you remember you still need to trailer your boat to the lake, launch it and then re-load it again. Getting your boat from home to the lake hitch free can be a challenge but having a reliable trailer can help the process. These are our must have features of a boat trailer.


When you trailer your boat down the highway the last thing you want to worry about is whether it’s secure. A solid trailer construction is important for the stability of your boat. Tubular steel frames that are welded mean there is less risk of boat trailer parts like bolts coming loose. Tubular steel also gives the electrical wires a protective housing to keep them safe and dry. Make sure your boat trailers tail lights are fully submersible and have their own power source so that even if one goes out the rest stay bright.

Ease of use

It can be a lot of work to launch and load a boat but some trailers make this job easier than others. Self centering bunks are a boat trailer must. When loading, they align the boat in the center of the trailer to evenly support the weight of the hull. Boat trailer guides support your boat, help it stop easily and make loading effortless. Boat trailers like the Legend Glide-On trailer have a lower axle and padded cross members which provide a more stable center of gravity because the boat sits lower. This also allows boaters to launch and load in shallower water, giving you access to even more fishing spots.

Added value

We all like to know we’re getting great value on our boats but it should be the same for trailers as well. A custom-matched trailer for the shape of your hull is ideal to make sure your boat stays in place on the highway. You also must think about where you’ll store your boat when it’s not in use. Many people store their boats in the garage but some times the tongue is a bit too long. The space saving swing tongue is an extra feature on Shoreland’r trailers that solve this problem by folding the tongue to save up to 24”. Now that’s some added value!

Added value should also come in the form of a great warranty because you want your trailer to have the same kind of protection as your boat. What good is one without the other? Make sure the warranty you are getting will cover everything from the frame to the lights.

When you travel with your boat it’s important to have a trailer that will withstand everything from highway speeds to backwoods dirt roads. Making sure your trailer has all these key features will help get your boat safely to the water without a hitch.

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