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Galvanized VS Painted Trailers

When it comes to coating a steel trailer, the camps are still divided between those in favour of galvanized trailers and those who swear by going with a painted trailer.  So which one is really the best option?

Let’s cover some of the basics to help you better understand the differences between the two, and get you closer to making your decision...because knowing is half the battle!


Team Paint

First and foremost, a painted steel trailer is the less expensive of the two options. Already sold?  Perfect, my job is done…

But wait, for those of you looking for a little more to differentiate between the two options, let’s move forward!

Asides from being easier on the wallet, those who champion for the painted trailer also prefer the wide array of colour and graphic options that are available, compared to the dull gray colour notorious to their galvanized competitors.  

Did you know many boat owners have their trailer painted to match the colour scheme and graphics on their boats?  Mind blown!

A painted trailer is typically coated with a primer and a polyurethane paint, which is abrasion resistant and helps protect the metal.

While painted steel trailers are sleeker looking and more cost effective, it should be noted that this could come with some maintenance.  Rust isn’t uncommon, particularly in areas with welded joints or damage.

Corrosion is a problem with painted steel trailers, making salt water use much less practical.

This is why you will usually find team paint boating in freshwater environments.

C’mon team, to the lakes!!

At a glance...

  • Less Expensive
  • More maintenance required
  • Variety of colour and graphics options / better aesthetics
  • Lightweight 


Team Galvanized

A galvanized trailer refers to the process of coating a steel trailer in liquid zinc, which is great for keeping rust and corrosion at bay.  

This translates to minimal maintenance, and possibly a longer trailer lifespan!

Yup, galvanized trailers will typically cost a little more money than their painted adversaries, but for those boaters looking for next to no maintenance, it’s the way to go.

Granted the inevitable dull gray finish of the galvanized trailer may be less appealing, team galvanized will happily argue that it looks great compared to the telltale orange streaks left behind by rust sometimes found on painted trailers.

At a glance...

  • Durable and resistant to rust and corrosion
  • More expensive
  • Less visual appeal 
  • Heavier

Which team are you on?

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Happy Boating 

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