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Gift Guide To The Fisherman's Heart

The gift-giving season is once again upon us. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas just around the corner it’s time to start planning for your friends, family, and that special someone.

If you’re lucky - because they’re great people - you have an avid fisherman in your life and you want to WOW him.

Look no further, we have the top 20 gifts every fishing and boating enthusiast has on his wish list.


Waterproof Phone Cover

If you’ve ever been out cruising on a fishing boat you’ll notice that it’s tough to simply leave your phone on an easy to reach surface. It either (unless you’re in a Legend Boat with handy cell phone trays) bounces off pretty quickly or gets pelted with water. A waterproof cell phone cover keeps it dry and is far less slippery. With so much nature around he’ll appreciate being able to keep his phone close at hand.

Digital Fish Scale

Digital Fish Finder

The fisherman in your life lives to fish. Give him the joy of being able to weigh his catch on the spot with a small, accurate, and relatively inexpensive ($15 - $300) device. If you’re gifting this to your soulmate, consider hacking the device to add a few extra pounds for when he tells his “big fish” story to his friends later on. 

Sharpening Station

Marine Knife Sharpening Tool

With all those huge fish he’s catching he’s certainly going to want to cook up a storm. Keep his kitchen skills as reliable as his fishing skills with a marine-friendly sharpening station. A few runs over diamond wheels and his fillet and sports knives will be sharper than the day he got them.

Sun Glasses

sunglasses for fishing

Spend a few hours out on the boat and you’ll understand why $15-gas-station-specials just don’t cut it. He needs full eye coverage, full vision, and UV protection. Maybe he’d never splurge on himself when it comes to sunglasses or maybe it’s been awhile since he’s indulged on a new pair. Either way this gift is thoughtful, keeps him protected, and keeps him looking great!

Waterproof GoPro

waterproof GoPro
This is an especially thoughtful gift for the family man who finds it difficult to steer the boat and simultaneously snap photos with his iPhone. A mounted GoPro makes sure that your son’s new wakeboard trick or daughter’s first perch is never a lost moment in stunning clarity and definition.

Telescopic Landing Net

Telescopic Fishing Net
If you've heard the story about "the one that got away" a few many times from the fisherman in your life, perhaps this is the gift you've been searching for. Ranging from $8 - $220, a telescoping landing net is the perfect gift to empower his 'moment of truth'.

Ultimate Ears WaterBoom - Waterproof Speakers 

Waterproof speakers

It’s waterproof, it floats, and it’s bluetooth! Safe in freshwater for up to an hour, the waterboom means peace of mind, 360 degrees of great sound, and 10 hours of audio on a single battery charge.

Remote Controlled Fishing Boat 
RC Fishing Boat

This is for fishermen with kids, or just kids at heart. An R/C Fishing Boat is fantastic fun. The whole family will enjoy scooting around from the dock or pontoon, and it actually works! Smile like a child and catch fish at the same time. You can’t go wrong.

Underwater Drone

Underwater Drone

Ok this one is just cool! Who needs a fish finder when you can use a drone? Capture 4K footage and always be aware of the ground under the water, drop your bait remotely, and shoot great photos and video. Careful though, he may get sucked into playing with this for a few hours instead of fishing.

Legend Boat Swag
Legend Boats Hoodie

If you live close to a Legend Boats showroom you’re in for a treat. We carry all sorts of safety gear like lifejackets, tons of maintenance items, downriggers, portable toilets and BBQs, and….well there’s lots. Make sure to check out the new 2019s while you’re here!

Subscription Box

LTB subscription Box

Subscription boxes are insanely popular right now and there’s one for him too! Companies like Lucky Tackle Box will send a box stuffed with the newest and best lures and bait. If your fishing friend is out on the water every weekend, he’ll absolutely love have a new lure to test each time he heads out.

These are the absolute hottest gifts on the market as we close out 2018. But, don’t worry we love fishing, we love boats, and we’re constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest accessories to enhance our lives on the lakes.


If you need more ideas, we have an entire catalogue of ideas waiting for you.


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