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Guide to Fishing Trips with Kids

Fishing Trips with your kids can seem like a daunting, stressful task, but they don't have to be. Going fishing with your kids will create some memories that you will never forget. It will take them away from the screens, give them fresh air, and teach them crucial life and survival skills. To be honest, usually the smiles on their faces are bigger than the fish. 

Here is our guide to making fishing tripswith kids as stress free as possible:



Here is a guide of the types of lures to pack for these trips:

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Guide to Fishing Trips with Kids


Fishing teaches kids to be patient, to be organized, and to enjoy the outdoors among other benefits. Make the most of your fishing day or weekend trips with these easy tips.


Give everyone at least 1 job

Having a job or task will make a child feel important and needed while the parents perform the larger tasks.
Examples: Making sure everyone has their lifejacket on and done up; Keeper of the worms or bait; Grabbing the net when there is a catch. 


Make sure there are plenty of snacks


When the fish aren’t hungry, the kids will be. Make sure to have plenty of food for them to snack on during the slow times.
Examples: Fruits and Veggies; Crackers and Cheese; Sandwiches.


Have the kids pick their lure ahead of time

This will save time on the water and get kids excited.


Pack layers of clothing

In Canada, the weather can change in an instant, always keep at least two extra layers for each person on board as well as a blanket or some extra towels.


Bring other activities for entertainment

Fishing is unpredictable, and sometimes the fish don’t bite like you want them to. Have some activities ready to keep the kids entertained between bites.
Examples: Cards; I Spy; Make up songs or rhymes about fishing.


Use this time as a teaching moment

While fishing is fun, it is important to teach children responsible fishing practices such as: What to keep and what to release; Proper storage and handling of equipment; How to stay safe on the water.


End the day with a treat

Grill your catch when you get back to home base. Even if you didn’t catch anything, end the day on a positive note by stopping at your favorite ice cream spot!



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