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Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day

The majority of the country will be enjoying 10+ degrees weather this Mother’s Day. That’s not incredibly hot, but still warm enough to enjoy some time out on the water with the woman who raised you and/or the woman who gave birth to your children.

Hitting the lakes and cruising around is a fine way to spend the day, but let’s go out of our way to make it special for mom.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a Province that offers a License-Free fishing weekend - like Ontario - obviously you’re going to be taking advantage of the situation. While you’re not fishing, you’re going to want to treat mom to a nice meal and some relaxing one-on-one conversation.

Here’s what you need for a Pontoon Picnic On The Water to celebrate Mother’s Day.



You should be planning several hours on the lake for this special occasion. Your mother spent countless hours slaving over a stove while raising you, now it’s your turn. Even if she claims that fast food is her fave, put some effort into making her a multi-course meal. This is a simple gesture that truly demonstrates how much you care. Here are a few recipes to get you going.

Bruschetta Pasta Salad:

A great starter that looks and tastes like it took hours to make. In reality, all you need is some fresh ingredients and about 40 minutes, and you don’t need professional training to make it seem like you’ve been sneaking off to culinary school.

World's Best Steak Marinade:

For the main course, we’re recommending that you fire up the Kuuma Stow N Go grill and cook as you lounge. Make sure to prep your marinade the night before and pair with your


The Best Roasted Potatoes of Your Life:

It’s customary to serve your steak with a side of potatoes and veggies. Prep the greens as you like, but we’re suggesting you swap your usual mash with roasted potatoes. Follow this how-to guide for stunning results. Careful though, you may find every other potato sub-par from here on out.

Strawberry & cream sandwich sponge:

Delicious, simple ingredients, easy to make, and easy to eat. This is an ideal dessert to serve mom while out on the water in your pontoon.




We all know that drinking alcohol on a boat of any sort is never a good idea, even if you’re anchored in the middle of the lake. The one exception is if you’re meeting the legal requirements to do so. Otherwise, your best bet is to mix up a few of these mocktail ideas;

Storm Cloud

Pomegranate Mojito

Villa Gelato Martini 




If you want to go all out for Mother’s Day feel free to choose a theme - art deco, casino night - and go crazy. If that’s not your style at least opt for a generous helping of flowers. Set your pontoon’s table with a bouquet of roses and hang some planters from your bimini top to set the ambience.

Make sure there’s an easy and convenient way to get those flowers back to mom’s house once you’re done with the day.

If you're partying into the evening, make an effort to lighten things up. Candles or hanging lanterns 




Party Theme

Quality time usually means some sort of activity that you share together. Choose your mom’s favourite board game, and make sure to bring a deck of cards. Casually play as you digest your meal and dig into some conversation.

Also, make sure to prepare a playlist that you’ll both enjoy.


Being a mother is one of the toughest, most under-celebrated jobs on the planet. This year, make sure that you go out of your way to tell her Thank You and I Love You.


Happy Mother's Day

Yours In Boating, 

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