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How To Inspect & Maintain Your Boat Trailer

We often don't think about our boat trailers until we're about to leave the boat launch after a day of fishing. We notice that straps are loose, the winch is tight, or maybe the break lights are flickering. We make a mental note to check on it once we get home, but we're too tired and leave it for later.

Instead of doing things the hard way, set aside an extra 15-20 minutes before you head out on your next fishing adventure. Or, better yet, make it a part of your regular spring startup maintenance routine. 


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Here's What You'll Need:

- Corrosion Protection Spray

- Water Displacement Lubricant

- Bearing Grease

Yup, that's it.


It's much easier not to miss anything if you work from back to front. Here's the order we recommend.


Brake Lights:

1. Check that lights are fully functional. If you have someone around to help, simply bump the brakes on your truck and have him/her do a visual inspection.

If you're working solo, back the trailer close to a reflective surface where you'll be able to see the lights. Again, bump the brakes and use your mirrors to confirm they are functioning properly.

Boat Trailer Wheel


1. Check your tire pressure and fill as needed. Legend Boats trailer tires are usually 35 PSI, but make sure to double check the tire sidewall for manufacturer's specifications.

2. Make sure that bolts are torqued to 85 ft/b and check again every 80 KMs or so.

3. Check your bearings and use 1-2 pumps of grease.



1. Grasp with your hands and give them a gentle shove. Make sure they are not loose. 

2. Perform a visual inspection for tears or excessive wear.

Boat Trailer Hardware


1. Visually inspect for cracks and missing hardware.



1. Raise the jack to its highest position.

2. Spray with water displacing lubricant.


Winch Hook:

1. Spray with lubricant.

2. Use a wire brush to remove any rust or corrosion. 


Winch Strap: 

1. Unwind the strap completely and check for any fray or damage.


Winch Gears & Handle:

1. Spray handle with lubricant.

2. Spray Gears with corrosion protection spray.

3. Return strap to tightened position.


Boat Trailer Hitch

Safety Chains:

1. Spray with corrosion protection spray.


Hitch Coupler:

1. Use corrosion protection spray inside and outside.


Harness Connections: 

1. Apply dielectric crease to connectors.



Tandem Trailer2

There are 13 points to inspect and maintain, but you can see that each point is quite simple.

A little spray here and a little spray there keeps your trailer in good working order and keeps it reliable on the road and at the launch. 20 minutes of your time ensures that you have nothing to worry about other than choosing the right lure.


Yours In Boating, 



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