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Top 10 2018 Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and we're here to provide you with some creative costume ideas for you and your family! Here are our Top 10 2018 Halloween Costumes! #LegendBoatsHalloween

1. A Boat (Legend of course) 
Yes we know this one is typical but this is an easy DIY and you can custom create the boat design yourself. Although there won't be any boats in the water we bet there will be some wondering around collecting candy! 

Boat Costumeboat costume 2

2. Mounted Bass
So you may never catch a legendary Bass but you can dress up like one and get a good laugh with your fishing buddies! DIY approved!

Mounted Bass Costume

3. Mermaid 
The gorgeous mermaid costume is a great costume for the kiddies, easily bundled up and ready to go. A real head turner for a mom and daughter duo! 

Mermaid COstumemermaid costume 2

4. Fish (the dog kind)
Don't worry we didn't forget your furry friends! Doggie costumes may not last the whole night but they make for an unforgettable photo. 

Dog CostumeDog Seal Costume

5. Shark Attack Victims 
Another great DIY opportunity costume. Throw on some fake blood and a terrorized facial expression and voila!

Shark Vic CostumeShark Victum Costume

6. Good ol' smores
There's nothing like reminiscing about summer like this awesome family smores costume! We can almost feel the sticky marshmallow between our fingers. DIY approved!

Family Costumer

7. Fisherman/women
A true fisherman wouldn't stray from this awesomeness. DIY approved!

FIsherman CostumeFIsherwomen Costume

8. Lobster in a bucket
A chef and his beloved lobster, YUM! Upgrade that stroller for any household stockpot and you're good to go. DIY approved!

lobster in bucket costumeChef-Lobster

9. Fish Tank

One of the coolest ones we've seen! Totally customizable and easy. DIY approved!

fish tank 2 costumeFish tank costume

10. Sandbox
Head back to the shed and get your summer toys back out! Pool noodle, old boogie board, bucket, miscellaneous sand toys and a dash of creativity. DIY approved. 

Sand Box COstumestick-figure-and-sandbox-halloween-costumestick-figure-and-sandbox-halloween-costume-2

We hope that you found something that you liked in this list!  We know you just put your boat away for the season, which is sad, yes, but you can still show your true outdoorsmanship by braving the cold and getting some well-deserved candy!

Honorable mentions:

Shark Attack Scene: This guy seriously went full out!

Shark Attack Costume

Fishing Family: Now that's a catch!

Family Halloween Costume

Share us how you and your family dressed up on our social media and hashtag #LegendBoatsHalloween 
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