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The Future of Boating Technology - Tech we want to see

Being in the boating industry, we're constantly reminiscing over our childhood memories on the water. We long for the days that we can spend a few hours fishing and connecting with the kids, mom and dad, and grandma and grandpa at the cottage.


But, we're also always looking to the future.
We see the amazing technology and emerging innovations hitting all facets of life and can't wait to see what's in store for the boating industry.

Here are just a few things that we'd like to see.


Backup Cameras

backup Camera

Towing a boat makes it very difficult to see who's driving behind you. Tailgaters are annoying and, more importantly, dangerous while you're making your way to the boat launch. This simple device would make things a lot more comfortable.

Obviously it would have to be waterproof, but this tech would also come in handy once you reach the launch. Some ramps are crowded and leave tight spaces. A reverse camera can help you navigate those tight boat launch spaces.


Summon Your Boat

Imaging renting a cottage for the weekend and, instead of having to pick up a boat from the marina or have it dropped off at your dock with far too much back-and-forth, the boat simply comes to you. When the weekend is over, you tap a button on your phone and send it home.

That's one application, but there are probably just as many scenarios where this tech would be helpful as there are boaters in Canada. 


Built In WiFi


This isn't the latest and greatest new technology, but it would definitely come in handy. How great would it be to jump into your boat and have access to all of your videos, music streaming, games, emails, and browsers without having to worry about data fees?

Not only would this be a tremendous convenience, it could also be a safety feature. Many of our Canadian lakes offer some pretty weak mobile signals in the middle of the lake. If there's ever trouble it would be great to be able to rely on getting through to 911, or even just a friend to come help you out of a jam.


Built-In Apps

built in apps

Speaking of Apps, we should be seeing more of these in the close-enough future. More and more car manufacturers are offering touch-screens as standard features which means it's probably just around the corner for boats and pontoons. 

Find your music, GPS, charts, games, social media, and everything else that you've integrated into life in one convenient place.   


Push Button Tops


Aside from Fish finder/GPS units, bimini tops and enclosures are the most sought after boating accessories.  They keep you safe from the sun and extend your fishing days (and seasons) in rough, cold weather. Legend Boat tops are simple to set up in a matter of moments. But, pushing a button and immediately getting back to fishing would be even better.


Machine Learning - Artificial Intelligence

machine learning 2

Fish finders are fantastic, but you have to get to that pocket first. Maybe it would take some of the sport out of it, but with machine learning it's very possible that your fish finder could accumulate the data coming from everyone else fishing your lake and cross references the time of year, temperature, and other fish-behaviour factors to pinpoint exactly where you can find the species you're after. 


Heads Up Display


Imagine being able to see the depth of the water, how fast you're travelling, how much fuel you have left, and where the schools of fish are swimming - all without having to take your eyes off the water.

H.U.D. displays all the critical information that you want to see directly on your windshield, without interfering with your vision. Since we're dreaming, maybe they can build infrared and night vision into the glass while they're at it.


Living Paint

We can all agree that Legend Boats' graphics are the best that the market has to offer. But some of us prefer the custom, 1-of-a-kind approach. There are a few companies out there that have huge imaginations and don't seem to let any obstacles get in their way.

We could paint a picture of how you could possible use this technology on your pontoon or fishing boat, but there's no way we'll come even close to the possibilities.  


How about you? 

Have you seen some new tech that you'd love to see in your fishing boat or pontoon?

Make sure to share on social. We're the manufacturer and we're listening. 


Yours In Boating, 



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