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The Psychology of Boating - Why We Love The Water

We all love hoping in the boat and spending a day - or entire weekend - on the lake. But did you ever stop and wonder why? You probably have a reason at the top of your mind like “it’s peaceful and quiet” or “I love the thrill of the hunt”, but the true reasons go far deeper than this, and are much more beneficial than you may think.

Here are the main reasons why science says boating is good for the soul.

Soaking In Happiness


First and foremost, being out in the sun captures a lot of Vitamin D. Soaking in the rays does wonders for your body. Beyond preventing all sorts of sickness, Vitamin D is also responsible for supporting the immune system, brain, and nervous system. Being healthy just feels good.

The Thrill of the Hunt


Thousands of years of evolution has hardwired hunting into our brains. Through fishing, we’re able to bypass the day to day stresses of life and connect with the most primal segments of our brains. This brings a much deeper sense of satisfaction than, for example, hitting that sales quota or meeting that business deadline. Notable behavioural psychologist Erich Fromm writes:

“In the act of hunting, the hunter returns to their natural state, becomes one with the animal, and is freed from the burden of his existential split: to be part of nature and to transcend it by virtue of his consciousness. In stalking the animal he and the animal become equals, even though man eventually shows his superiority by use of his weapons.”

Sense of Accomplishment


It feels great when you complete a task or succeed at a challenge. It’s a boost to your self-esteem, and a trigger for those desirable dopamines and testosterone. Both of these feel good in the moment, and they also encourage us to be more productive overall. Repeat this experience enough times and you can actually change nature. Over time your brain structure and chemistry will change, making you smarter, more confident, and able to take on larger challenges.  

Let the Good Times Roll


Social interaction is vital to human health, both physically and mentally. Fishing and boating are a great excuse to get together with your friends and family. Mix in casting, swimming, tubing, and skiing, and you have yourself a healthy dose of additional mind/body benefits. This increase of oxygen and a plethora of hormones promotes new neuron connections and cell growth, especially in the hippocampus - the area of the brain responsible for learning and memory.

Authentic Connection


When you’re out on the water your screens are away, traffic is gone, and work is the furthest thing from your mind. This tranquility is the perfect environment to facilitate real, genuine conversations. In this setting, you’re able to consider things more thoroughly, connect with your thoughts more deeply, and get beyond the superficial more freely. Whether it’s friends or family that you’re sharing this with, these are the moments that turn into life lessons and valuable memories.

From the first time you stepped onto a boat or dipped your line in the water you knew you loved fishing, and now you know why! Fishing and boat are fun activities, but they also provide you with valuable physical, emotional, and psychological benefits. Next time you’re feeling down, hop in your Legend boat and take a recommended prescription of one large lake and 6 smallmouth bass to cure what ails you.


Your's In Boating, 

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