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Top 10 Fishing & Boating Music Videos

When something is universally loved it makes its way into pop culture, and fishing and boating is no exception. There are dozens of songs featuring artists on a boat, but for this list we're sticking to song about fishing and boating. You'll be familiar with most of these, but we're sure that some will come as a surprise.

*Disclaimer: There is a kid's section. Our apologies for getting Baby Shark stuck in your head for the next 3 days.




It's very natural that Country features a lot of fishing and boating music content. The genre has its roots firmly planted in being down to earth. We can't think of anything more down to earth than connecting with nature. 


"Fish" - Craig Campbell 



"Fishing In Our Soul" - Jill's Cashbox ft. Salt Strong



"All You Need is a Boat" - Dave Calhoun



"Pontoon" - Little Big Town 



"Redneck Yacht Club" - Craig Morgan



"Huntin', Fishin' And Lovin' Every Day" - Luke Bryan



"Buy Me A Boat" - Chris Janson 



Rock & Rap

Rock and Roll is, historically, the avant garde member of the musical family. But even these rebels can't shirk the appeal of a day on the water. A lot of today's hip hop speak to living in the lap of luxury, and boats have the natural ability to embody this lifestyle. There are only 3 samples here, but spend a few minutes on YouTube and you'll find heaps of videos featuring stars on boats.


"'All Summer Long" - Kid Rock



"The Salmon Dance" - The Chemical Brothers



"Baby Shark" - PINKFONG


Regardless of genre and decade it's easy to prove how engrained boating is in our lives and society, and this is a match made in heaven. There are plenty of songs with boats in them, and there's usually a little music playing when you're out on the water. The two just go hand in hand. 


What do you listen to out on the water?

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