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Top 7 Custom Boat Interiors

Picking up your brand new Legend Boats pontoon or fishing boat is an exhilarating moment. But, some people want something above and beyond the "factory settings". 

Customization comes in all shapes in sizes. Some anglers add a personalized graphic, some add a splash of paint, and others - as you'll see below - completely transform their interiors.


Scroll through and check out our favourites. 


How could we resist starting off this list with a custom interior featuring Legend blue? There's something quintessentially nautical about the blue-on-blue-on-white fabrics, and those lines make everything look super comfy to sit on. Must be pretty easy to spend an entire weekend inside of this boat.



Part of the appeal of customization is making something uniquely yours. Love it or hate it, this colour combination is no doubt 1-of-a-kind. Our opinion? Fishing and boating is all about having wholesome, innocent, fun. There's nothing more wholesome than primary colours with a shot of green to make it pop.

Collins Custom Interiors 2

Collins Custom Interiors





This boat is simple red on black, but the angles used make it seem like it's breaking speed limits while it's not even moving. Some of these other custom boat designs have "expensive" written all over them. This one, on the other hand, screams "the owner fishes with a spear". Pure B.A.

Ninja Boat


Green is one of those colours that are a little overwhelming when you first see it, but looks absolutely gorgeous on the water. This particular custom boat interior takes it to the next level with ambient green lighting. It's one thing to to set yourself apart from the herd during the daylight, but it's quite a thing to be able to set trends even after the light is gone. If you're looking for some LEDs of your own, check out the pic below to see how different colours look after dark.

Re-Vive Upholstery

Related image


Attention to detail is what makes a good design great, and that's why this purple beauty hits our top 3. Every inch of this 6-seater was thoroughly planned and immaculately executed. Hats off to the team at Appearance Products Inc. for this beauty!

Purple Miami Boat Show



 This red rocket looks like it's dressed to break the sound barrier. Look closely and you'll notice subtle grains and different shades of red throughout the outer paint. But, even without the spectacular paint job, the interior stands on its own. Simple, clean, comfortable, and a simply stunning fit and finish. 

Marine Tops Red2

Marine Tops Red



This two-tone maroon on white isn't a showstopper at first glance. But consider the fact that the purpose of boating and fishing is to make us happy and the point of a custom interior is to be cool.

Maybe it's unintentional, but this topdown view sure looks like a pair of shades atop a giant smile. Accidental cool and happy FTW!

HomeStyle Custom

HomeStyle 3


How about you?
What's your favourite?
Have you customized your Legend Boat? We'd love to see it.




Yours In Boating, 

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