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Top 5 Must Have Pontoon Accessories

Pontoon boats can be the ultimate boat for customization. Different styles, layouts and features can make a pontoon unique to each boater’s needs. Whether you’re a family fisherman, an on the water entertainer or a water sports fanatic, there is an accessory for you. Here are our top 5 must have pontoon accessories.

Portable marine grill

With a sink, table and cooler your pontoon has the makings of a kitchen on water. Now all you need is the grill! What better way to enjoy a beautiful day on the water then with a grilled meal? Grills like the Legend Portable Marine grill by Napoleon come with a locking drip tray so there is no mess and have legs so they can be brought ashore.

Fishing Station

You might not think of a pontoon as your first choice for a fishing boat but why not? Pontoons have lots space to comfortably fish for hours but also have enough versatility for the whole family to enjoy. Many pontoons come with a fishing station that include rod and net holders, an aerated livewell and cutting board. An onboard fish cleaning station is the perfect addition to a fisherman’s pontoon boat.

Sea Weave vinyl flooring

Most pontoons come with standard nonslip marine flooring but why settle for standard? Sea Weave vinyl flooring is a woven marine flooring with a foam backing. It has a comfortable plush feel on the feet and is easy to maintain. The flooring beads off water and resists mold and mildew. If dirt does end up on Sea Weave vinyl flooring it can be easily hosed off with water or cleaned with a mild detergent.  Most Legend Pontoon Boats come with Sea Weave Flooring.


Pontoons come in so many layouts and configurations that it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your family. A dinette setup is perfect for sharing a meal, playing cards or just catching up with friends. The large table with cup holders, bench seating and movable chairs make entertaining a breeze. 

Portable toilette

Most people don’t think of adding a toilette onto their pontoon but they can come in real handy when your planning a day trip on the water. Especially with kids on board, it can be a hassle to dock every time someone needs to use the washroom. Portable toilettes can be installed on your pontoon inside the Flip-up changeroom for privacy and comfort.

Under seat lighting

Do you love entertaining on a pontoon boat? Under seat lighting is a fun and functional addition to any party boat. The colourful lighting helps light up the floor when boating in the evening or at night to improve visibility. It can also add the perfect ambiance to entertain friends and family. Certain pontoon models come with the lights preinstalled to save you the trouble. Pontoon boats can also come with underdeck lighting which creates a luminous glow against the water.

Ski/Wakeboard Bar

Pontoons get a bad rep for being slower moving boats that can’t accomplish much besides cruising. But with a tri-tube Pontoon Boat and the right motor for they can be just as powerful as your average motor boat. Ski/wakeboard tow bars can be installed at the back of your pontoon allowing you to practice all your favourite action water sports. Although these bars aren’t suitable for tubing, your pontoon comes equipped with attachments for tubing ropes.

Whether you are looking to have a pontoon specially for fishing or you’re simply looking to make everyone on board a little more comfortable, there is an accessory you.  How will you customize your pontoon?

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