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Top Ten Custom Boat Paint & Wraps

Legend Boats knows that you love fishing and spending time with your family. We also know that you want to look cool doing it.

We've scoured the internet for guys who've taken that Cool Factor to the next level with custom boat wraps and paint. Today's list is brought to you by 

  • creativity
  • attention to detail
  • immediate visual impact

Because all of these awesome paint jobs are subjective it's impossible to choose a favourite. So, in no particular order, here's our Top 10 Custom Boats list. Enjoy!


10. Claw Boat

Clawed Boat

On or off the water, this boat just looks cool! The shredded metal, vivid colour, and tons of texture clearly shows the artist's passion for his work.


9. Complimentary Colour Boat

Complimentary Boat

This brilliant yellow-on-purple design makes this boat impossible to ignore. Impressively, this simple design goes beyond the hull and covers the boat from bow to bimini.


8. Poker Boat

Poker Boat

The black and white artwork on this beauty draws your eye in and keeps it there. Every square inch has something interesting to see, or step back and soak in the overall look. A definite contender for the #1 spot!


7. FishScale Boat

Leopard Boat

At first glance this seems like a leopard print. Look a little closer and the fish scales start to pop. We're not quite sure which fish this is supposed to be emulating, but living in Norther Ontario, we'd like to think it's a Northern Pike. What do you think?


6.  Tiger Boat

Tiger Boat

Leopard and tiger prints can be cheesy, but definitely not in this case! To add to the layers of cool, this Seabreacher boat is made from a repurposed fighter jet. Are we looking at the champion?


5. Skull Boat

Day of the Dead Boat

Skull aren't for everyone, but when done right can be truly stunning. This boat uses a strong colour pallet and stark contrast to steal your attention regardless of the angel you're staring from.


4. Lava Boat

Lava Boat

A little bit of lava lamp, a little bit of fire; this boat is just fun! The yellow and orange flames and swirls are a hot look that you can't miss from a mile away.


3. Water Boat

Water Boat

This boat is so meta. The water-on-water graphics are a clever idea, and executed well. The different shades of blue and aquamarine make for a tasteful design.


 2. Shark Boat

Shark Boat

 Complete with texture, gills, gums, and oversized fangs, this shark design would strike fear into the hearts of any oncoming boaters. Imagine how this must look like the shark is jumping right out of the water as the boat skims the lake.


1. Muscle Boat 

Muscle Boat

Coming in at number 1 is quite possibly the winner. The paint job is cool enough on its own. But, consider the steering wheel, tail lights and bumper, and massive-power all-chrome engine block and this boat delivers the whole package.


Do you agree with our list?

If you've customized your Legend Boat we'd love to see it! Share your masterpiece on social and we'll make sure to have you featured on our Facebook profiles.


Of course, if you'd like to customize a boat of your very own there's no better time to buy a brand new Legend.


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