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Your Two Tube or Triple Tube Pontoon Boat Buying Guide.

What can I expect from a two tube pontoon boat?  What can I expect from a triple tube pontoon boat?  

This guide is to help you decide on a Two Tube or Triple Tube Pontoon Boat.  


What can I expect from a two tube pontoon boat?

Most pontoon boats come equipped with two tubes and can be run with minimal horsepower. Two tube pontoon boats provide stability and maneuverability which makes them great for cruising, fishing and a comfortable day out on the water. If you do not need speed or runabout performance, a two tube pontoon is for you.


What can I expect from a triple tube pontoon boat?

If you feel the need for speed and performance, upgrading to a triple tube pontoon package with a higher horsepower outboard may be for you. Skiing, wakeboarding and tubing are no issue, even with a crowd on board. Triple tube pontoons have more stability, better handling andgreater performance on rougher waters, as well as being a trendy alternative to fiberglass runabouts.  If this is important to you, then spending the extra money is likely justifiable.

Before purchasing, read through the guide below.  This guide is to help you decide on a Two Tube or Triple Tube Pontoon Boat.


icon lake size.pngLake Size

Determine whether you will be operating your pontoon boat on small or larger lakes, or both.

•  Small Lakes

•  Large Lakes

•  Great Lakes



icon pontoon boat lake.pngPontoon Boat Usage

Determine the type of activities for which you intend to use your pontoon boat.

•  Cruising

•  Fishing

•  Tubing

•  Skiing/Wakeboarding (Only available on a Three Tube pontoon boat with larger horsepower)

•  Entertaining

Some pontoon boats offer multiple purpose. Ask your local dealer for more information or go to to find the right Two-Tube or Three-Tube pontoon boat for you.



icon pontoon boat length.pngPontoon Boat Size

Think about how many family members and friends (and their gear) you would like to invite out in your pontoon boat. Consider how many people are likely to be using the pontoon boat at any one time.

•  1-4 people

•  5-6 people

•  7-8 people

•  9-10 people

•  11+ people

icon gears.pngHorsepower

Everyone’s pontoon boating needs are different. The perfect outboard to power all of your on-water pontoon boating needs, will depend on the activities for which you intend to use your pontoon boat. For example, with more horsepower, a three tube pontoon boat package can be equipped with a ski tow bar at the back of the boat. A good sales associate will be able to guide you in the right direction and ensure that you get the right motor to suit your pontoon boating needs.

•  Two Tube models are typically packaged with motors ranging between 25HP-115HP 

•  Three-Tube models are typically packaged with motors ranging between 90HP-250HP

icon pontoon boat trailer.pngTowing Capability

The maximum total weight you can tow is set by the vehicle manufacturer. Compare your vehicle towing weight rating with that of the pontoon boat package overall weight. Your choice of an SUV, or truck will be influenced by the size of your pontoon boat package, the distances you are planning to travel and the quality of the roads and ramps you will use to launch and load your pontoon boat.

Approximate vehicle towing weights:

•  Car 1,000 lbs

•  Small SUV or Pickup Truck 2,000 lbs

•  Medium size SUV 5,000 lbs

•  Large SUV or Truck 9,000 lbs

When purchasing a Three-Tube Pontoon Boat Package, a larger trailer is usually required to support the middle tube.  A Tandem trailer with disc brakes, Suitable for up to 4700 lbs is usually recommended for larger Pontoon Boat packages.  Ensure that your tow vehicle is equipped with a tow braking system.

Note: Many dealers offer trailer rentals to launch and load your pontoon boat. Contact your local dealer for more details.  

icon brand logo.pngBrand

Do your research and find a manufacturer who stands by their product with quality construction and offer a Lifetime Warranty on pontoon tubes, deck and transom, and make sure that the pontoon boat packages include standard features that matter to you, such as Duraweave flooring, premium fibreglass helm, Bluetooth stereos, tilt steering, livewells, and Mercury outboards. For some, buying a Canadian brand is also very important.

•  Brand chosen has the following:

•  Quality construction

•  Lifetime warranty

•  Packaged with built-in standard features

icon boat lisence.pngBoating License

You, or any of your family members who will operate your pontoon boat, require a boating license. A boating license (Pleasure Craft Operator Card) proves that you have gained the knowledge to safely operate a motorized pleasure craft on Canada’s waterways. There is no minimum age to obtain a boat license and, once certified, your boating license is good for life.

•  I have a boating license

•  I do not have a boating license

icon boat pickup.pngPontoon Boat Pick-Up

The orientation process generally takes about 2 hours. During the orientation process an orientation specialists will go over the entire pontoon boat package with you in order to ensure that you become more familiarized with your new Two Tube or Three Tube pontoon boat package. If you are new to boating, an on-water orientation may be given to ensure that you are comfortable with your new pontoon boat package. (Typically available if near the water).

•  Pontoon boat pick-up day:

•  Expect a 2hr orientation

•  Flat 4 wiring harness

(If your boat trailer is equipped with brakes, you will require a flat 5 wiring harness)

•  2” ball mount for trailering

•  Pleasure Craft Operator Card


icon fiancing.pngFinancing

There are a number of large financial institutions that are able to offer finance packages that are tailored to your budget and lifestyle.


Creating Memories

There’s nothing like creating memories on the water with your friends and family in the right pontoon boat.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to click the following link and get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to help!


Check out the Two Tube and Triple Tube Pontoon Boat lineup by clicking the link below.

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