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Pontoon Boats For Sale


What’s not to love about pontoon boats?  Over the years they have stepped away from their once upon a time reputation of the boat your grandparents would putter around on, to the modern day pontoons that give real speed, style, easier to tow, load and launch, and now caters to mostly every boater!

Because of their versatility, there is a wide range of options from purpose, design, features and accessories, sometimes making shopping for a new or used pontoon boat overwhelming.  That said, by taking the time to narrow down your specific needs, you can easily figure out which pontoon would work best for you.  You can even consider renting one for a day to really give you an idea as to the memories you can have if you owned your very own, but read the Pros and Cons of Renting a Pontoon Boat article before hand.


Which Boater Are You?

The entertainers and loungers:

These boaters are usually the life of the party, and that person always looking for an excuse to get everyone together!  You are fortunate to be considered part of their inner circle, since their main boating goal is to show friends and family a great time on the water

And when they aren't entertaining a boat full of people, these laid back loungers are usually fans of sunbathing and listening to great tunes while cruising on the water.

The ideal pontoon would include:

Legend Pontoon Boats to consider:

Splash, Splash+, Splash+ Cottage, Enjoy Freedom, Enjoy Lounging, Enjoy Cruising, BayShore Cruise, BayShore Lounger


The water sport enthusiast:  

This is the adrenalin seeking, sport loving, active boater that you will likely spot trying to catch some air on skis, or a wakeboard.  These boaters have a need for speed, and a love for action!

The ideal pontoon would include:

  • Easy access in and out of water
  • Oversized boarding ladder
  • An easy to access rear gate for water sports
  • Ski / Wakeboard tow bar
  • Pop up change rooms

Legend Pontoon Boats to consider:

Enjoy Freedom Triple Tube Package, Enjoy LoungingTriple Tube Package, Enjoy Cruising Triple Tube Package, BayShore Cruise Triple Tube Package , BayShore Lounger Triple Tube Package, Black Series Lounge (Triple Tube Standard), Black Series Bar (Triple Tube Standard)


The Angler:  

Get ready to drop those lines in the water!  The angler’s main goal is to get on the water and do what they love!  

The ideal pontoon would include:

  • Livewell
  • Fishing chairs
  • Fish finder

Legend Pontoon Boats to consider:

Splash EXT, Splash+ Flex, Splash+ Cottage EXT, Splash+ SuperFlex, Splash+ FishTail, Enjoy Fishing, Enjoy All, Enjoy Flexibility, BayShore Flex


The Accessories 

These pontoon boats are praised as a multifunctional vessels that have become a fan favourite as the ultimate boat for customization, giving you a wide range of options to really get the most out of your boat!

List accessories and link to accessories post


The Size

You are going to want to match the size of your pontoon to the number of guests you anticipate having on board.

As one would assume, the bigger the pontoon boat, the more people you can have on board!  

Most pontoon boats have a capacity plate, which will tell you the max capacity typically by number of people and by weight.


Two Tube vs Triple Tube

Two tubes can be run with minimal horsepower, and will provide the maneuverability and stability that is perfect for the entertainers, loungers, and anglers.

That said, our water friends who fall into the water sport enthusiasts will be happiest with a triple tube pontoon boat, which is known for speed and performance.  While the triple tube will cost more money, they provide the higher horsepower and speed that is needed to get the most out of water sports.



Engines can range from 40HP - 250Hp and higher.  It truly depends on the application of your pontoon boat.  If you only want to cruise around the lake and entertain guests, and really are not in any need for speed, a two tube package with a motor ranging from 40HP-60HP will be just fine.  However, If you are in need for speed and plan on doing some watersports such as skiing and wakeboarding and or want to go from point A to B in a hurry, a triple tube option with higher horsepower is what you will want.  

Check out our pontoon series and be sure to review the two tube and triple tube models, and popular motor options with each model. 


Cost Variables

Pontoon Boat pricing can range from $23,000 - $50,000 and higher.  It all depends on pontoon deck length, brand, quality, tube size, tube selection (two tube or triple tube, extra features, engine size and the model year.  


Happy Boating 

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