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Everything you need to know about boat maintenance. 18XTR-Troller

What You Need to Know About Boat Maintenance

Spring is finally here folks, and after a long Canadian winter boat owners coast-to-coast are counting down the days before getting their boats out of storage and back onto the water!

But wait!  After hibernating for the winter your boat is going to need

a little TLC before making her first splash - so before you spray her down with the garden hose and jump on board, let's talk about boat maintenance made easy.  


Get Your Engines Started!

Just like you wouldn't skip out on your annual physical, you also can't ignore examining and maintaining your boat's primary systems.  Yes, we are talking about the mechanical maintenance on your boat.

First things first, just like with your car or truck, your boat's outboard engine will need an oil change to keep that engine purring.

While the frequency will vary by model, it is generally recommended to change that oil after every 100 hours of operation, or once a year.

You are also going to want to spend a little time looking over the boat's systems and equipment.  Pay attention to any areas suffering from wear and tear or corrosion.  Preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding future problems with your boat. 

Now not all boat enthusiasts are mechanical gurus, or maybe you would rather spend a little less time working on engines and a little more time out on the water - yup, me too!

If this sounds like you, why not let the pros do what the pros do best and call up your local dealer to schedule an appointment to have your boat tuned up.

That was easy, now what?


Make Her Shine

Yes, as simple as it might sound, regularly washing down the inside and outside of your boat will go a long way towards keeping that Legend shine.

Don't get me wrong, you don't need to spend hours scrubbing down your boat after every use - after all, a boat is about enjoying yourself on the water right?

That said, showing your boat a little TLC on the regular can help save you a boatload (pardon the pun) of problems tomorrow.

everything you need to know about boat maintenance

So how do you keep that showroom shine?

You are going to want to invest in a sturdy cleaning brush with a long handle that will allow you to get to those hard-to-reach spaces without pulling a muscle.

To avoid damaging the finish of the boat, you are going to want to make sure that the brush you choose has medium bristles.

And before you dump that dish soap in a pail, don't!  You will want to pick up a biodegradable cleaning agent that will be friendly to our lakes and rivers, but also gentle on your boat's finish.  Combine that with a little elbow grease, a wax and polish and Voila, you have transformed your boat into a show stopper on the water.


So What's The Bottom Dollar?

Of course we all want to keep our boats looking great and running well, but how much will it cost?

Because the cost of maintenance can vary by region, model, and condition of the boat, it is next to impossible to provide a set cost on your annual boat maintenance.

That said, here at Legend Boats we know that the key to protecting the Mercury outboard motor in your Legend Boat is keeping up with regular maintenance, and to make life a little easier we offer All-In Boat Maintenance packages that include everything from greasing your prop shaft and engine fittings to changing your oil and filters!

Why not leave your pride and joy in the hands of our pro staff and focus on planning that next trip on the water?  For more information, contact your local Legend Dealer. Click here to access our dealer locator.

That said, if you are feeling ambitious and enjoy getting your hands a little dirty, feel free to contact your dealer and pick up an oil filter and tackle that project DIY style!

The main goal is showing that boat a little love so you can keep your focus on what matters - making memories on the water!

Happy Boating!
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