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What's Your Sign?

Legend Boats identifies your personality traits based on your Fishtrological sign of the Zodiangler. This unique look at how your sign affects your relationships and everyday life is meant to be fun, but could be insightful and accurate.

Are you wondering if you’ll be a leader, or will you flounder?
Are you asking yourself what others think of you? Let’s ask the fish!


Calendar: March 20 - April 20

Lure: Tequila Sunrise

Ruling Fish: Electric Blue Balloon Ram


Aries is the first Fishtrological sign. Under the tropical Zodiangler, the Aries is anxious to swim upstream and prefers to be at the head of the school.

Aries are stubborn in both opinion and personality, fixated on being number 1. They love a challenge but often struggle to complete a project. They go all-in when they find they’re obsession but it does take a lot to hold their attention. The best way to do so is to show them something new.



Calendar: April 20 – May 21

Lure: Earthquake

Ruling Fish: Longhorn Cowfish


Taurus, the second sign of the Zodiangler, is a stable swimmer who prefers to tread in one place. A Taurus has 2 speeds: Either contently idle or full-stream-ahead. In real-life situations the standard mode of operation is slow-and-steady until something interesting or beneficial comes along; then it’s time to shift into high gear!

Careful, romantic, patient, and organized are all positive attributes of the Taurus. However, this bull can also be stubborn, cheap, vain, and overindulgent.



Calendar: May 21 – June 21

Lure: Blue Tornado

Ruling Fish: Siamese Twin Fish


Gemini, the third Fishtrological sign brings you the best of both worlds. The sign of duality is adventurous yet restless, original yet judgemental, wise yet distracted.  

Geminis love a good argument and often have a strong desire to be the center of attention in their pursuit of their ‘better half’. It takes a strong lure to hold their attention, but once you do they’re all-in.



Calendar: June 21 – July 22

Lure: Soft Crab

Ruling Fish: MoonFish


Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the Zodiangler with strong traits of domesticity, femininity, sensitivity, and nostalgia.

This fish is a natural caregiver, passionate, and romantic. However, the act of nurturing others often leaves themselves overlooked resulting in a feeling of isolation or resentment. Other fish will view this as gossip or mood swings.



Calendar: July 22 – August 23

Lure: Fire Tiger

Ruling Fish: Lion Fish


Bold and theatrical are the best ways to describe Leo, the fifth Fishtrological sign of the zodiangler.

A hopeless romantic who loves being the center of attention makes for a great leader, but often leaves others feeling overshadowed.

Their positive attributes of being kind, courageous, protective, and loyal are conversely mirrored by features of being jealous, vain, and cold-hearted.

That being said, this fish’s most noticeable characteristic is their ability to leave you feeling refreshed and enthusiastic.   



Calendar: August 23 – September 23

Lure: Mud Minnow

Ruling Fish: Virgin Spindace


Virgo, the sixth Fishtrological sign in the Zodiangler, is highly analytical, clean, and a perfectionist.

You may feel uncomfortable around a virgo if you’re sloppy or lazy; they will be judging you. Virgos also have trouble reaching the finish line due to getting bogged down by tiny details. However, keep up your end of the conversation and you’ll find the talk to be expert-level. They are passionate, productive, and love to speak their mind.


Calendar: September 23 – October 23

Lure: Wind Cheater

Ruling Fish: Venus Cichlid


Libra is the seventh Fishtrological sign in the Zodiangler. This fish can sometimes be a little indulgent, but is a true romantic and diplomat. With an innate desire for partnership libra is an avid listener in their pursuit of justice and fairness.

These features make libra a great leader, but be cautious. Libras sometimes come off as a bit lazy and are often better starters than they are finishers.


Calendar: October 23 – November 22

Lure: Ice jig

Ruling Fish: Scorpion Fish


Scorpio is the eighth Fishtrological sign in the Zodiangler, and is loyal, competitive, and VERY intense.

Standout traits of magnetism and protectiveness are balanced by possessiveness and jealousy. It takes a lot to earn a scorpio’s trust but once you do your relationship it built to stand the test of time. Be careful, however, break a scorpio’s trust and it’s gone forever.



Calendar: November 22 – December 21

Lure: Silver Arrow

Ruling Fish: Moontail Bullseye


Sagittarius is the ninth Fishtrological sign, which is associated with an incessant desire to learn, travel, and grow.

This optimism is honest and fair, but can go overboard leading to being argumentative, flaky, and preachy. Despite their secrete desire to make the rules themselves sagittarius are very wise and never shy away from speaking their truth.



Calendar: December 21 – January 20

Lure: Saturn Worm

Ruling Fish: Red Goatfish


Capricorn is the tenth Fishtrological sign in the zodiangler, defined by loving a challenge and always over-achieving. The desire to be #1 can give a sense of superiority and exhaustion as the burn the candles at both ends, but this is offset by finishing every project that they start and a social focus on what is good and right.



Calendar: January 20 – February 18

Lure: Sinking Trout

Ruling Fish: Blowfish


Aquarius is the eleventh Fishtrological sign in the Zodiangler and was born to swim upstream. A rebellious spirit and eccentric personality define this fish and make for great friendships and an able agent for technological advances and social change.

While aquarius is shaking things up they can go too far and become self-destructive and out of touch. But their courage is endearing, so we don’t want them to reign it in too much.



Calendar: February 18 – March 20

Lure: Topwater

Ruling Fish: Neptune Grouper


Pisces is the twelfth Fishtrological sign in the Zodiangler. Sensitive and dreamy, pisces often find their heads in the clouds. If you’re ever looking for a shoulder to lean on, this fish is compassionate and will soak up your emotions like a sponge and put you at ease with their wisdom and comforting nature.

They’re best matched with someone who can keep them grounded, otherwise they become out of touch and will have their bubbles burst when reality sets in.



How did we do? Did we describe you accurately? Share with your friends and see if their fish speak the truth.

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